Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Adoption Fund Raiser- Please Help Bring Dominic HOME!

My dear friends, Megan and Steve have a beautiful, faith-based, loving family, built through the gift of adoption. My own Mom and Uncle were adopted and I know first hand the power and long lasting love that occurs when a family is brought together in such a unique way. Please read Megan and Steve's story and prayerfully consider how you might be a part of bringing one more orphan HOME. 

We are Megan and Steve, an adoptive family with 3, almost 4, kiddos.  Our current adoption actually starts with our last adoption. In 2009 we were blessed to travel to Thailand to bring our then 8 year old son, Gabriel, home. 
Gabe had a best friend in the orphanage and the boys both had families in the USA waiting for them. Our agency had put us in contact and we looked forward to keeping the boys connected after they came home. The boys were both told in spring of 2008, they were being adopted!  As can happen though, the best friend's adoption fell through.

We had a difficult time processing this information and the knowledge that this sweet boy we had met, spent time playing with, taken pictures of, and that played a huge part of our son's first 8 years of life, would not have a forever family. Never know the unconditional love of parents and siblings. Many prayers were offered and tears shed.

Then November of 2011 we received a call letting us know the best friend's paperwork had just shown up and he was available for adoption. They remembered our distress over his situation and our desire to be kept abreast of any news regarding him. So before they started advocating for him to find a family, would we be interested in adopting him. WOW!

Another adoption was not on our radar.  We are a home school family with one income. Don't misunderstand us, we would adopt more if the financial cost wasn't so great. But there were many reasons to not proceed with his adoption. 

But God called.

We answered. Best friends WILL become brothers!!

All along the way we have stepped out in faith He would provide. And He has. We had a rummage sale last fall that provided the funds for a bill with just weeks left to pay it before an increase in the fees.

Now we prayerfully need to ask others to continue to join us on this journey. We are in the final stages and will be receiving the call we have waited over 2 1/2 years to receive. The invitation to travel. However, along with that call comes the final bills and travel costs.  The stress of where the money is going to come from takes some joy out of the anticipation.  Our son also turns 13 in August and we don't want to make him wait any longer just because of money reasons. 

Here are the ways you can help us......

1)  Pray, pray, and pray some more. For us to be fully funded. For our children's hearts to be ready for the challenges we face in travel and the adjustments. For our new son's safety in Thailand as he waits for us and his heart as he prepares for huge changes to the world as he knows it. For us as parents that we may trust in God's provisions and seek His wisdom in all our plans.

2)  By sharing our story. Please feel free to pass along our story, our needs.  http://www.gofundme.com/3shvmo

3)  By making a donation to help us meet our goal to fully fund the rest of our adoption.  We need to raise a minimum of another $15,000, a huge number.  Yet we know nothing is too big for our God.  He can multiply a few fish and loaves of bread to feed hundreds. He can take donations of any amount and multiply it. 

We would be so grateful if you took this journey with us!       

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