Thursday, February 23, 2012

Full Week Flying By

We've been using the Learn Math Fast System for  a couple of months now. It's simple, inexpensive and does what it says; teaches kids math, fast. I'm hosting a give-away of ALL 4 eled books! (WOOT!). Here is the more comprehensive review and give-away details.


As always, Calvin confronts 2 of my fav topics: science and religion, with a fresh perspective.

School this week: Latin- another chapter of First Form-KaBam (my new fav onomatopoeia). Greek- vocab. Cub missed his class time and was so bummed. He listened to the recording but it just wasn't the same. I am loving how much they are loving their Landry Academy classes.
Math- LoF Alg II, Laern Math Fast, Singapore Story Problems
Grammar- Rod and Staff- 2 lessons  a day on the days we're home. I learned how to I.D.a direct object this week. I'm so happy. Seriously. It's been one of the mysterious unknowns in my life. 
Writing- Feeche finished his first short story- 20 pages. WOOT! WWS Week 8 for Cub and IEW fused outlines for Flower.
 We had a blast in Creative Writing this week (am I supposed to be having this much fun?!)
 talking about Plot Devices and sketching out everyone's 2nd short story. 
Feeche knocked out another Case Study for Pre-Law and a project for Copywriting.
Memory Work- Flower has The Spider and the Fly down cold (sooo cute as she adds in inflections via Mr. Pudewa!)
History of the Medieval World- more chapters knocked out and Feeche read more of Mary Daly's history hand-outs.
Shakespeare's Scribe- about to be done.
The younger 2 have been absorbed D'Aulaire's Greek Myths for fun and watching Bill Nye YouTubes, along with Wes Olsen's Biology DVD's (they finished Chem and wanted more).
McHenry Pre-Chem and Apologia Anatomy and Physiology- Cub and Feeche both knocked out another chapter.
Whew. Got some stuff done.
Feeche is feeling the heat of it though and works doggedly through the week just to stay caught up.

Mardi Gras was celebrated in style this year, with a unit study on New Orleans and Fat Tuesday, facilitated by our friend Mrs. A. A gathering of girls celebrated with crafts, beignets and learning!

It's been a dry, mild winter and today it decided to give a go at winter weather. Delightful snow!

The Battle of the Snow Grunts.). I love the expression on Cub's  face!

I'm reading my first Dorothy Sayer's book, Strong Poison. Oh baby, this girl can write! Strong plot line, engaging characters and wit ala Jane Austen style. I am loving it. Next up is Gaudy Night, per Caitilin's recommendation- another lit lover who has never steered me wrong. There are YouTubes of the Lord Peter Wimsey books- I think I just found a new hobby!

KB's Cosmetology program is ovah in a matter of weeks. She is applying to a medical program at a near-by university for fall.  We spent the morning there. I like the fact that it's within driving distance (unlike Miss. R who is 16 hours and a universe away). We had a lovely ride home together, though the thick falling snow. KB made decaf mocha's when we got home. Warm and frothy.

How was your week?

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Redradtech said...

I ordered finger paints to teach Tori how to form her letters with her fingers. I am going to try and teach her to read