Sunday, November 6, 2011

Frosting Ceilings

Frosting Texturizing the ceiling and walls, around 1400 square feet worth, took the majority of our time on both Saturday and Sunday. I bought a bit of paint (5 gallons worth) and plan to paint ceilings and walls this week so that we can get the kids off the living room floor and sleeping in beds again.

It's hard to tell from this picture just how lovely it all looks. But seriously, the texture adds a whole lotta finished look to the place.

Now that the walls and ceilings and most of the floors are done, we'll be turning our attention to the stairs. Ayup. I found some funky, finished in paper bags stairs on Pinterest, which might be the new look we sport going down stairs. The upstairs stairs are partly sanded. It's just the long side going down that we have to finish. We figured out using a file works quite well to get the ugly between places with.

paper bag stairs?

Or this?
More stairs decorated with paper. Gorgeous!
What think you?

We love you, Mike (and Lori and kidlets- missed you, Girlfriend!). THANK-YOU for spending your Saturday with us,working like a mad- man! Ya'll are friends indeed- over and over again.

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