Saturday, May 23, 2009

WR: Spring Break

School was non-traditional this week. We cleaned the porch - a full day's job, moving the furniture, mopping, dusting, getting the porch plants out of the dining room, finally putting away the twinkle lights! It is lovely and ready for lots of summer sitting, reading , talking, and al fresco dining.
We re-planted tomatoes which got wind-burned and put in more melon and gourd type plants as well as flowers, wedded like crazy, added dirt to a couple of flower beds, moved plants,, generally got quite dirty in the gardens.
Did convention reports for IEW and Bethleham Books. Sales were great.
Cleaned, sorted and re-arranged the school and photo album bookshelves, a huge job. The sorting (and the dust!) bogs me down every time. Started a box of books/curriculum to sell, and 2 to store.
Worked on the Bible Bee with the boys. Slow and steady going.
Spent time with College Woman talking and sorting through some things. Included late nights. I'm tired.
Cleaned the church that our small co-op has been using all year. The kids made "thank-you" cards for the guest speakers and field trips that we've taken. Moms worked on planning next year. I'm not the only curriculum hobbyist in the group and that makes it even more fun. The kids love being together and are eagerly anticipating our couple of summer get-togethers.
KB's graduation party is on Sunday so we are gathering items and planning festivities.
Cub had guests last night for a sleep-over and College Woman is gearing up to leave for Europe on Tuesday.
In between it all we watched X-Men, Iron-Man and Bourne Ultimatum. All fast, fun and furious flicks. Miss R and Feche Boy were jamming to the music at the end of Bourne and fell together into a playmobile pile that Flower was coming back to. They both walked away laughing but bruised. Watched Cranford on the puter last night while the notsolittles enjoyed Zoom Academy.
Found a couple of cool sites this week. Artios Academy
which looks a little spendy for now and CLAA on-line: which looks amazingly affordable. Received "Climbing Parnassus" in the mail this week and am looking forward to it. Viking Man has an order in for a pile of books related to Hebraic Christianity and The Beginnings book by Chaim Potok is along with. I am eagerly waiting to get my hands on it.
We still have school to finish but it will keep. Mid-way through next week we'll get back to it. For now, it was good to have a break from the routine. Hope you had a successful week!!

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Redradtech said...

You have such a full and interesting life. I often wonder what it would be like to be out of work and home schooling again. Parts of me want to and parts of me definitely don't want to. 19 yo guy graduates on June 6th. Asked him what he wanted to do for his graduation and he has no clue. He doesn't want to graduate.